Sunday, December 26, 2010

End Of The Year Musings

Wow, here we go AGAIN....turning the page on ANOTHER year! And what a year, or two for that matter! From a farm/business and personal standpoint, I am amazed to see the things that have passed us by. The sub-prime mortgage debacle, BIG bank closures, high unemployment and for some reason I am always drawn to the ever widening class gap. Did you know that a quarter of the top 400 "richest" people are in the financial services sector? Did you know that in 1982, that number was closer to 1/8? Hmmmm. Your bank as well as mine is not just a bank, but an investment house, too. Lending into the community is at a standstill because you will not get as rich from your neighbor as you will by taking your deposits and rolling the dice in a game of fancy derivatives! Now, this dumb farmer is connecting the dots. I've been uneasy about taking charge cards for the business and now I can put my finger on it!! What true value will that bank who services it add to my bottom line? The answer comes in negative terms; their hands are in my pocket!! Monthly fees, swipe fees, terminal rental fees.....etc. Who puts out the hard dough, rolls up the sleeves and does the real pulling in the economy? Those true working, innovating folks aren't as rewarded as they once were. Working toward the American Dream? Work hard, get ahead........not so fast! We do need banks, yes......don't get me wrong, but these days the banks are investing outside the community to chase higher profits. Local business, innovation and community health suffers as a result. Big time!

Ok, ok- so what's my point? Take a moment to ponder where your money goes in a monthly budget. Who gets paid, and what happens to that money? Is it worth it? Who's adding true value to your life and to the American dream?

We won't take charge cards and we work with banks that take a real and personal stake in our business and our community and country. It is hard to ferret the facts out, but alternatives exist! Starry eyed over that super low advertised mortgage rate? Read the fine print! Do you have a mortgage? Who owns it? Who are you working for? When the chips are down, will they listen to you?

We work hard toward a simple principle; do it right, work hard, work smart and make damn sure whatever you do nourishes your soul, your family, your community!

Best wishes to all for a super 2011! We'll be there!