Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food, Security and Responsibility

Wow, what times we live in now! With an eye on the daily economic and political events, it is easy to feel somewhat awed...even humbled. How will all these events affect me, my family, my country...the world? How can I or the collective "we" make any sense of these events ? How can we affect (or effect) the outcome ? Easy for a simple farmer to say, but take charge of those things you have control of.....gain a greater sense of personal responsibility. How? Educate yourself on the issues that are important to you and get out and vote.....learn about the candidates and the issues. Also, become a prudent and responsible consumer of goods and services. The health of our economy and the course set by politics indisputably affect our lives, so.....become more informed and active NOW.
Thankfully our farm is not weighed down in a lot of debt. We never thought it was a good idea to bow in to the recent frenzy of taking easy money and possibly having to liquify the farm's assets to make good on those debts should we falter. We critically assess our every need and then quantify the risk should we go out on a limb...for every investment. The USDA, the Fed, Treasury or IMF won't bail us out! Thankfully we have such institutions that have a chance to avert a meltdown- if used properly, that is.
Nine meals from a revolution someone once security is pretty darned important!
What will you do? Thanks for reading!
Farmer Dave