Monday, June 6, 2011

News On Pricing And New Markets

We have lots of news to talk about- from our new price list to our presence on Facebook (many thanks to my family and marketing team at Scanlon Web Design and Sound the Bugle Studio!), new farmers' markets and a recall on my latest rant on credit cards......we now take them!

First, as we previously warned on an earlier post, we have a new price list. Yes, unfortunately many prices had to go up. From spiking fuel prices for operating our machinery and to the pervasive effect this has on many things! From replacement calves priced historic highs (we've watched with great wonder how prices could have remained steady for over 30 years, but they did NOT until late 2010!). And when we speak of fueling machinery, it must be said...OLD machinery. These need care, time, expensive parts and eventually need to be traded in.

An important note on our new price structure is that it reflects a unique logistics problem here. It appears that our high end cuts are moving at a brisk pace that is leaving our lower priced items to sit in inventory for too long. Not only is a small mountain forming, but if it doesn't sell, cash doesn't flow to cover costs. If some of our costs are not fully covered, then we have to re-price those items that do sell so we can cover our costs. You'll see our steaks have a higher per pound price to reflect this issue. How can you help? Bring our low cost "everyday" cuts more into your meal planning routine. Not only are they a healthy and clean food for your family, your purchases can help us stabilize prices across our whole product range. If more ground beef and lower cost cuts move more quickly, then we'd be happy to LOWER the prices on our legendary steaks!

Due to the urging and help from my marketing guru and sister, we're now on Facebook! Check us out at
We hope to use this very popular social media outlet to stay in better touch with you- and since a quarter of the civilized world is using social media, we should use it, too. Many of customers say they religiously use Facebook......and that probably includes you!

We ranted earlier about the rampant mis-deeds of our banks and bankers to include a rant against credit cards. Well, it appears that there is still some common sense, low cost ways to beat the "common wisdom" of high fees and catches in merchant banking. We found one through our local bank- WITH personal service, WITH much lower fees, WITH great support! So, if you re shy on cash at the markets, pull out your plastic- we'll take it!

Join us at the Waltham Market starting June 11 and now at Wayland on June 22!

Thank you for your support!