Friday, March 21, 2008

Gearing Up For Broilers !!

The not-so-spring like temperatures are not a deterrent to our spring planning for pastures, grazing and our ever popular broilers ! For the many people clamoring for our beef, we're very sorry if we've had to delay serving you, but never fear, there is a product that we can supply on short notice- the heart-healthy, low fat and efficient chicken ! While beef can take up to 27 months to produce from conception to processing (and take up to 5 acres of prime grass-land per mouth per year !), we can grow a broiler from a 2 oz. chick to a 6 pound broiler in as little as 7 weeks. For our Boston area based customers, we can allow entry into our Boston Area Buying Club when you order broilers. A refundable $2 deposit per bird reserves your custom reared whole broiler, weighing between 5 and 7 1/2 pounds with giblets. We expect delivery of the first lot in late June, therefore we will need your commitment by early April. We will close reservations in early August for the last lot due the end of October. Contact us if this interests you and we'll get you more details! Thanks you for your continuing support of local, sustainable and clean grass based agriculture !

Friday, March 14, 2008

Outlook For 2008

We have secured the lease of another farm for grazing land ! We're now up to managing 4 farms. Our beef herd is expanding, as are the needs for high quality and convenient grassland. We scored at least on the first count, the glitch for the second is that the new farm is nearly 10 miles away. Also, the fencing and other infrastructure is very old and virtually non-existent. Welcome to reviving an industry and infrastructure that our society worked very hard to run out of town! There is frightfully little farm land left around here now ! We've also secured two very local producers to help us out with with supplying high quality, clean, grass fed only youngstock. The vast majority of producers who are left standing now (which is very small indeed) still use confinement methods and lots of starchy corn, so I'm happy to help further support our style of production. We're building a wave of product to come your way, but it takes 27 months from conception to processing to realize the prize of our efforts. Another appeal for patience is in order ! How can you participate if there isn't enough beef to go around you ask ? If they cannot eat beef, let them eat chicken ! A deposit can secure your 5-7 lb whole broiler for delivery by July 1. Raised in spacious open runs that we move often, we can turn around a freshly hatched 2 oz. chick to a table ready low fat, high quality tasty meat in as little as 7 weeks. A comfortable low stress natural life equates into a truly nurturing food source for us all ! Give pastured chicken a try ! I have to admit that the vast amount of resources that we need to devote to beef production gives me reason to pause and ponder if we shouldn't eat more whole foods including fruits and vegetables as well as the dramatically more efficient chicken, sheep or pig for our protein. We do love beef, and grass fed is best if you do eat beef, maybe we need to learn to eat less of it (at least as a society). Hmmmm...