Friday, January 14, 2011

Farewell to a good bud!

The continuum of life swirls all around us......births, celebrations and the necessary difficult good-byes. My trusty, great all-around horse Cavan left us Thursday January 13, 2011. He was a smallish Trakaener cross horse, barely 1000 lbs but tough and strong as nails and was arguably the best horse I had the privilege to work with. Put a beginner astride problem, safe and kind. Many youngsters got their start into the equestrian arts with him. Field work- no problem! Supremely "forward" and attentive, straight as an arrow and snappy, too! No need for the driving lines- he knew the routine. Get to the end of the row "gee" over two rows and do it again back to the next headland.
Cavan was already 20 when he came to us 11 years ago, from a riding academy in Willington, CT- Woodcock Hill, very close to where my wife and I went to college (University of CT), but aside from some stiff hocks, he had gumption enough to go strong another 11 years! There are countless students from Woodcock Hill who remember him well- ears back attitude, kind of grumpy. He turned out to be an honest mush for a good bum-scratch and absolutely loved his 24/7 turn out on our many pastures that also see our chickens and cattle in rotation. Life afterall was pretty laid back here for the horses. Sure they got used and worked, but had (and still have) the very best that we can provide and they certainly had way more down time than work time.
We raise a toast to his memory and celebrate some foal just born somewhere to replace him in this world.
Remember that life is short...too it well and give thanks to all you meet and truly cherish those in your life now. You never know what tomorrow holds!
Three cheers for Cavan!