Sunday, April 24, 2011


Oh, boy here it comes AGAIN! Another energy price surge like we saw back in 2008! We just bought $4+/gal. fuel for the farm, machinery spare parts, oils and other supplies and chicken feed. Our fuel bill just increased by THOU$AND$ overnight. Can you say OUCH?

We maintain a pretty steady pulse on our financials to make sure we are pricing our products fairly and such that we can keep afloat. Price volatility on our supplies really reverberates through the whole farm!

We have to raise our prices on many of our products this May- but by how much is still being tweaked now. We are giving all of our customers as much notice as we can.....and we'll be back with a newsletter soon detailing our new price list. We will do this by May 15.

While grazing animals are cheaper to keep in the grass season, our fleet of iron swings into high gear putting up nearly half a year's worth of forage. And, we need to move last winter's barnyard gold onto the fields, too. The serene look of grazing animals belies the flurry of activity going on everywhere else on the farm!

Thank you for your understanding and patience!